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Customize your Crest. Rally your Team.

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Or may we suggest…

  • What Cold?
  • Valor in Speedos
  • He Conquers who Plunges
  • Our Courage Doesn’t Shrink
  • Madly Driven into the Sea
  • We Break Waves
  • Intemperate and Indomitable
  • Victory Before Dignity
  • Always in Season
  • I Swim Without Fear
  • Keep Your Sunscreen
  • Called to Serve
  • Do Good. Fear Nothing.
  • As Able as Ever
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Brrrrring it On
  • Chillest of the Chill
  • Mighty like the Polar Bear
  • We Plunge in Penguin Style
  • Tipping the Iceberg
  • We don’t shiver, we shake it.
  • Cold Feet. Warm Hearts.
  • Our Spirits Don’t Freeze.

Download your crest!

Once you’ve created and shared your Team Crest on Facebook, download it to use throughout your fundraising campaign.

Stay tuned - we’ll be sending you tips on other ways you can use your Crest to recruit and raise money for your team.